ElectroMechanical Assembly

ECA assembles metal and plastic components for products ranging from sub-assemblies to full-assemblies, and from low to high volume.  The components are either purchased or manufactured, then assembled utilizing mechanical fasteners, adhesives, welding, or other mechanical assembly techniques.
Through the years, we have streamlined our supply chain and partnered with many suppliers to provide the required components that are outside our in house capabilities.  ECA has assembled and tested products ranging from the size of a quarter to the size of a desk.  From simple sub-assemblies to complex turnkey products requiring rigorous testing, our experience and utilization of industry best practices allows us to achieve unmatched product quality.
Once assemblies are complete, ECA can ship the finished product to your facility on a just in time schedule. We are also capable of shipping directly to your end customer.  Shipping methods include: UPS, LTL, FedEx, or our truck. ECA delivers on time, every time.

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The term "partnership" is often over used when describing a business relationship, but it is the best description for my experience with ECA. I couldn't be happier with my experience. - Kevin Mangin
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